Ouders & Onderwijs

Helping and representing parents

Ouders & Onderwijs is the information point for parents with children of school age. They are committed to provide the best education for our children and everything related to that. To achieve this, it is important that the voice of the parents is heard and that parents are well informed. It is also essential for Ouders & Onderwijs that their target group feels addressed by their identity and that they want to be represented by the organization. With these frameworks we have developed the identity and visual branding for Ouders & Onderwijs. We always advise to give as many specialists as possible a role and responsibility in large projects like these. After all, together you’ll achieve more. This is also the case in this project, where the mutual cohesion is big, the deadlines a challenge and the process very intensive. We are proud of the cooperation and the great end result.

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