A dynamic team of creative thinkers and doers.

And no.. let’s kick it in ourselves, we are nowhere near 80 years old! The founders of Mannen van 80 are two men who both date back to 1980, hence our name.

What makes us a strong team is that we are all comfortable being ourselves. Always honest and critical. A personal approach and good collaboration with the client is very important to us. The short lines in our organisation allow us to switch quickly and take on projects efficiently. So at Mannen van 80, there are no long lead times! As a team, we always guarantee creativity and a fresh look at every project by bringing strategy and design together.

Our network of partners.

Communication is an incredibly broad field. To get results, you have to be a specialist. We are not all-rounders, because then you only know a little bit about everything. We are experts in the field and each of us has our own expertise. Where we miss something, we like to call in one of our partners. That way, we ensure optimum efficiency and the best return for our clients!