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The challenge

Krachtlab is not your average gym. It is raw and honest, professional and meaningfull. Everyone is welcome there, as long as you have the right mindset. But how do you translate that vision into a strategy, identity and ultimately communication to potential members when the first location has yet to be opened?

Our solution

Through the use of several sessions with the founders, their vision became increasingly concrete. The developed concept helped Krachtlab communicate their vision to potential clients, coaches and investors. For us, it laid the foundation for the brand strategy, which we translated into a unique, strong and recognisable identity. From the very first moment, Mannen van 80 has been involved with Krachtlab and we still are. From website to hoodie and advice to implementation.

The Mannen van 80 are visionaries, seers and doers. You taste the creativity from the start! Even more powerful; also in later phases of your business, they remain captivated!

John Voorjans
Founder, Krachtlab

What's next?

Krachtlab is constantly on the move and continues to grow. In membership number, but also in its offerings. New labels are regularly introduced, which allows them to appeal to a new or wider target audience. There are also exciting expansions planned for the upcoming period. We are proud to still be a part of it.


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