Qonnect Fasteners

A brand upgrade in the broadest sense of the word.

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Communication

The challenge

Getting the Qonnect brand ready for the new phase of their development. A clearer purpose came, so we also needed to raise it's profile more clearly. With great ambition and huge potential, we defined a moonshot with Qonnect where the brand wants to grow towards. In the dynamics of the market and all the innovations in technology, this creates a continuous need for communication and updating.

Our solution

You have to take a step back to get a clear picture of what the challenges are you have to face to become a better brand. We therefore started with making an inventory of everything and made choices togheter later on. We've kept what was allready good and took it to the next level and we scrap everything that doesn't meet the standard. We sharpened both brand strategy and brand identity and developed frameworks for the future. Cross-media campaigns, a new website, an exhibition stand and catalogues. All in line with Qonnect’s new proposition: Get Qonnected.

Qonnect Fasteners
A very pleasant & professional collaboration: concepts, strategies and ideas are seamlessly transformed into creatively strong campaigns and designs.

Dennis Bovens
Marketing Manager, Qonnect Fasteners

What's next?

The basics are there, but this is just the beginning. After all, becoming a champion is easier than staying a champion. The rhythm in communication and campaigns has yet to find an ideal balance. We will still encounter enough ad-hoc business which we will continue to bring to a success together. A true partnership.

Qonnect Fasteners

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