Compare your company to an animal!

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Brand sessions

In strategic branding sessions, we regularly ask the question: ''If your brand were an animal, what kind of animal would it be?'' And we don't do so without reason. To differentiate yourself as a company, you need to know what your vision is. That means looking at the company how it is now. What is our added value? How do we want to be found? But also daring to look forward and back. Asking questions helps. 

What makes you unique?

What does your company stand for? How do you want others (customers, employees and partners) to see your company? What makes you unique? These questions answer your brand proposition. What you stand for. But to guard against average answers and standard outcomes, we also like to seek out association methods. It helps to arrive at new insights and break free from current structures. We prefer to push the boundaries. You can always make adjustments! Associating your brand with an animal, person or car brand can provide really useful insights.

Our advice is to schedule a brand session every year. Underline the business goals and put them alongside the brand strategy. Do they match? Do the services also match your brand promise? Creating a brand strategy is one thing, implementing that consistently is another.

We are not afraid of challenges and change.

Which animal do we compare the company to?

Of course, we cannot be left behind. Although we mainly help other companies with their brand, we naturally do the same with ourselves. Which animal do we compare the company to? A raven, because a raven:

  • Not acting on feelings but on knowledge: we back up every piece of advice.
  • Using certain 'tools' to achieve its goal: we use proven tools and methodologies to get to the core.
  • Has great adaptability: we can meet any challenge, adapting our route to success when necessary.
  • Stands for creativity and transformation: together, we take a company or brand to the next level. We are not afraid of challenges and change.


So: what does your business stand for? What characteristics of animals do you also see in your business? And where would you like to go? This is a very fun exercise to do, also with different stakeholders within an organisation. You will see that the different insights and interpretations provoke mutual thinking!

If you want more of these techniques to work on your strategy and communication in a different way, we would like to invite you for a good cup of coffee and a conversation.



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