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Is strategy the same as a mission?

The word "strategy" originated from the Greek word "strategos" (military leader or general), which in turn comes from the words "stratos" (army) and "agos" (lead). Strategy was thus seen as the 'art' of the general.

But what is strategy, really? Strategy provides direction and guidance in making decisions about what to do or not to do. It also guides the approach and process by which goals will be achieved. It is essential for good performance, regardless of your objective.

The mission is the foundation of the organization, and the vision is the way in which you set the mission in motion. The vision usually includes the goals to be achieved, logically stemming from the vision, also known as the strategy.

What is the purpose of strategy?

Strategy is the way an organization achieves its long-term objectives. It is the path an organization takes, a course set by the company to reach its goals.

The strategic vision describes how the elements of the mission and vision will be realized, outlining objectives and concrete steps. In short, this is the framework for objectives, starting from your mission and vision.

According to Michel Porter (professor at Harvard Business School and an expert in strategy and competition), there are three possible business strategies: a strategy focusing on being 'unique' (differentiation strategy), a strategy focusing on being the cheapest (cost leadership), and a strategy focusing on the niche market (focus strategy).

Brand strategy is how the audience experiences your brand, beyond just creating a logo and brand identity. Brand strategy is a process; the logo, for example, is just one chapter of the entire brand story. Strong brands share a common ability to build genuine connections. That's what we want—to establish a strong connection with you and your company, to develop a brand book together, and give everyone that 'club' feeling to face the competition, just like we helped Fortuna Sittard 'nao veure’, (forwards).

Whatever business strategy is chosen, it is crucial for the success of an organization. It determines the direction, can lead to a competitive advantage, a better return on investment, and helps deal with changes in the environment. However, strategy cannot exist without a mission and vision.

That's what we want, to establish a strong connection with you and your company, and give everyone that 'club' feeling to face the competition.

Mission with a Vision or a Vision with a Mission?

You determine the vision first. In this, you look at what you want to achieve with your business. What is the ideal image of the company for the future? From there, you can outline a mission. We are happy to assist you by asking the right questions and developing the proposition together.

The mission is the underlying motivator to contribute as a company or organization. It describes the identity of an organization and what it aims to achieve in the current situation. With a clear mission, every employee knows why they did what they did and do.

With a vision, mission, and strategy, you bring focus to your business activities. It helps you make choices, so you know what you will and will not do. This also motivates your employees. They know what is expected of them and the direction the company is heading.

The determination of strategy involves a series of steps, awareness, questioning, data collection, judgment, decision-making, so that a new strategy can be developed. The strategic analysis can reveal various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This process helps determine which strategic goals to focus on to move your business forward.

Communication becomes strategic when consciously used to achieve specific goals and position an organization, brand, or individual in a way that aligns with the chosen long-term vision. This doesn't happen without first going on a 'warpath' and defining the strategy. Without taking a stance, this strategy lacks identity. Because, first and foremost, you want something to look good, and it's crucial that a message is communicated visually effectively. Experience is 'key.' An ideal image of your product or service that resonates with the target audience. This can only be achieved with well-considered 'design' choices.

Everything around us is marketing at a speed that is no longer manageable. What is the right strategy now? From what perspective you view something and how and in what way you present it. Ultimately, it's about the result. But what result do you want to achieve? What are your ambitions and goals? And how do you reach your target audience(s)? How do you want to achieve that and within what timeframe? If you can answer those questions, the strategy is already well in order. If you can't figure it out on your own, we know, with the right 'tools' and questions, how to develop a clear strategy together with you and your team.

We communicate with feeling and choose our words, colors, and logos with the utmost care and attention. Deliberately to bring out the best in you and your company. It's all about striking the right chord. Would you rather share a 'peace pipe' or play a game of Stratego together to put your company, product, or organization on the map? That's why ‘we don't create nice things, but strong brands.”

At Mannen van 80, we know how you can strike the right tone with your company. It starts with a good conversation about change and getting back to basics. Why you do what you do and what we can do to help you? With this connection, we were also able to build the strategy for Qonnect. Would you like a conversation about a winning strategy? Let’s get in touch.


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