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The challenge

Finding an honest solution to the urgent call for help with the labour market issue in the care sector. That is the mission of FAIR, a cooperation formed from the healthcare institutions of Southeast Brabant. Because why make it difficult when they can be done together? FAIR therefore connects self-employed healthcare professionals with healthcare institutions in an honest way. This way of working keeps care money in care, where it belongs. Our challenge is to bring this revolutionary idea to life and appeal to both the target group and stakeholders in an appropriate way to join FAIR.

Our solution

To kick-start FAIR, we developed a brand-new brand identity based on extensive research. With an appealing, cheerful look, the identity pays tribute to the connection, renewed energy and dynamics that FAIR brings to the healthcare sector. We then consistently implemented this in various communication tools, ranging from a website and social media to office branding and printed communication. As icing on the cake, we launched an introductory campaign that immediately put FAIR on the map, resulting in hundreds of registrations at launch!


What's next?

To say we're already done would not be 'FAIR'. After a successful start, we will therefore continue our efforts to keep FAIR 'on top of mind'. For instance, we optimise and communicate the registration process both online and offline and develop communication tools to keep increasing FAIR's brand awareness.


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